Pandemic “quality time” – was that really a thing? Many people have praised what they perceived as the upside of the Pandemic – quality time with our families. I’m not sure about you, but in our home “quantity” time hasn’t necessarily translated to “quality” time.

During the first part of the pandemic, quality time was hard to achieve as we were all struggling to adapt to the new norm of being home with each other ALL THE TIME. We all were going through our own emotions – depression, loss, uncertainty. We weren’t necessarily up for quality time. We were just trying to survive, to get through it.

Then as we all started to adapt, we fell into new routines.

But many of those routines tended to isolate us. Kids locked in their rooms for hours each day doing zoom school, parents in their offices (or at kitchen tables) trying to get a full day of work in, family members retreating to their own spaces on the weekend trying to find some much-needed alone time. We were constantly “seeing” each other, but not engaging or enjoying the time.

But now is a great time to hit the family pandemic reset button.

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