I am an egg salad sandwich. As a member of the “Sandwich Generation,” I decided naming myself after a sandwich that I can’t stand seemed fitting.

What does it mean to be a member of the Sandwich Generation?

It means that in addition to still caring for my own kids, I am also responsible for the care of my aging parents.

In my case that would be my stubborn, independent, and completely “with it” 96-year-old father who has insisted on living alone and adamantly refuses to discuss anything that had to do with his mortality.

The other side of the sandwich is my two teenage daughters. Even though, for the most part, my 15-year-old (my baby) can fend for herself. At a minimum, rides to school, food in the refrigerator, paper signing, and other basic things still needed to happen.

But regardless, it’s hard feeling like a distant, distracted parent and not being able to give my kids my all.

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