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You have probably noticed that time is passing quickly…

You want to get this parenting thing right and not lose any more precious time with your kids…

You want to Start building a solid relationship with your child and be prepared to confidently handle any challenges that come your way now and for years to come.

Growing alongside your child will be challenging, but also the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

And if you’re ready to take on this challenge, then I’m here to support you!

Let me show you that it’s possible



The Inner Circle

This is Like Hiring A Private Parenting Coach To Help You Become the Parent You Always Wanted to Be – WHILE PAYING JUST A FRACTION OF THE USUAL COST!

When you upgrade to the Inner Circle…

Not only will you get all the benefits of the Flipped Parenting Community, you’ll also get instant access to:

Monthly "Group Coaching"

Group coaching around a specific theme relative to parenting!


Use the free Voxer app to voice/text message Janell directly for urgent matters or quick questions. 

24/7 Access to the CLass recordings library

The library is an ever-growing collection of pre-recorded trainings and group coaching sessions.

24/7 Access TO the weekly lesson vault

Review or re-do any weekly lesson, anytime,  for a quick win. 

Discounts on 1:1 Coaching sessions

Stuck and need help on a particular problem? Inner Circle members get special coaching discounts!


Interactive events to learn about topics and strategies to level up your parenting.

But wait – there’s more!

If You Join Today, You’ll Also Get

a complimentary “Class Pass” for your parenting partner!

As an Inner Circle member, you can now bring your parenting partner with you to any live classes or group coaching call! Your parenting partner can be a spouse, partner, grandparent… any one person who is a part of your village, helping to raise your child/children.

Getting parenting partners on the same page is a huge mission of mine. This new benefit will allow you to share your learnings so that you can parent with support and unity.

What members say

Testimonials from parents

Evelyn W.
Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

“No matter where you are in your relationship with your child, this is something that will add value to your life.”

Valerie S.
Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

“Once I met Janell she totally flipped everything starting with my own mindset.”

“The Flipped Parenting Community is such a fabulous resource! Janell breaks down parenting challenges in small actionable steps and is truly empathetic. The group sessions are very helpful in reinforcing our weekly lessons and help keep them top of mind. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to improve their parenting skills and improve their relationship with their children.”

Michelle N.

Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

“Janell Bitton is an awesome parenting coach. I found out about Janell on Facebook and started with a free hour long session in which she took the entire time to speak with me. What I really liked about Janell and why I still work with her now is that she really listened to me. She is very kind, funny, and down-to-earth, too. Her unique approach to parenting with intention helps me a lot and it can help you too. Now I am part of her online parenting membership community and I love it. I can hear about other parents struggles, wins, and point of views and share my own in a safe space. I highly recommend Janell and the Flipped Parenting Community!”

Rachel G.

Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

Frequently asked questions

How does Inner Circle membership differ from the regular Flipped Parenting Community membership?

Inner Circle membership is for parents ready to start dive in and start implementing the tools and strategies on a deeper level, who want the opportunity to get personal support on specific parenting challenges, attend live classes for deeper learning, and who want to learn aside other parents going through similar challenges.

Regular membership is great for all parents, wherever they are on their parenting journey, who want regular accountability and to keep their parenting practice front of mind with short weekly lessons and implementation challenges.

They will also have have access to the fundamentals of empowered parenting and helpful tools and the private community. Inner Circle members use all the tools of the regular membership AND add in personal coaching and live classes for deeper learning.

Can I wait and join later?

If you are a new Flipped Parenting Member, you will only have 48 hours to join the Inner Circle at this time. Otherwise, the Inner Circle is only opened a few times a year and prices could go up when membership is re-launched.

Does this only work for parents?
Anyone who spends time or works with children will benefit from the Flipped Parenting Community. Grandparents, family members, babysitters, teachers, medical professionals and so many more would benefit. In fact, getting your village on the same parenting page is tremendously valuable.
I've been parent for a while. Will I still find value?

Absolutely! No matter where you are in your parenting journey, or how old your kids are, now is always the best time to work on personal development and growth, and learn new skills.

If you’re finding your relationship with your children isn’t where you want it, Inner Circle membership will help you identify what is in your way and how to overcome those obstacles.

Whether it’s mindset, self-regulation, relationship challenges or needing to learn new tools will identify and address. Even parents with challenges with their adult children will benefit. The tools and strategies you learn in the Inner Circle will benefit ALL your relationships.

How much support is included?

In the Inner Circle, members work with Janell directly via live classes and coaching sessions. You will also have many opportunities to get feedback on your specific parenting struggles through the live sessions and hot seat coaching opportunities.

Also, as an added perk for Inner Circle members, when you’re struggling and having a hard time identifying what’s going on, you can get personal coaching by posting your Trigger Worksheet answers in the Trigger Thread.

And, don’t forget, Inner Circle membership comes with a free 15 minute call so Janell can learn more about you and your specific challenges and struggles so that future classes and materials can address your needs.

Are refunds available?

Due to the nature of the membership site and the fact that you are given instant access to materials, refunds will not be given. However, you can cancel anytime.

And of course – please reach out any time if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll do our best to make it right!

Everything you need to parent in a way that is effective and feels good.

When you upgrade to the Inner Circle, you get everything from the the Flipped Parenting Community, as well as:


Monthly live “Group Coaching” – Group coaching around a specific theme relative to parenting​


Monthly live Office Hours -Drop in at any time during office hours to chat, ask questions… whatever you need!​


Voxer Direct Messaging – Use the free Voxer app to voice/text message Janell directly for urgent matters and quick questions. ​


24/7 Access to the Class Recordings Library – an ever-growing collection of pre-recorded trainings and group coaching sessions.


24/7 Access to the Weekly Lesson Vault – review or re-do any weekly lesson, anytime, for a quick win. 


Inner Circle Members-Only discounts on 1:1 coaching.

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