Are you raising an ungrateful child?

Expressing gratitude can be tricky … for kids and adults. It’s so easy to freak out when we think we are raising ungrateful and unappreciative children… or we think others […]

Let’s Talk Anxiety and Parenting

As I always say, anxiety is a B@%#! Anxiety when you’re a parent? If you know, you know? As a lifelong anxiety struggler, I’ve worked hard to get my anxiety […]

Managing Meltdowns Like the Bomb Squad

When our kids melt down or have tantrums, we tend to, well, freak out ourselves. Angry thoughts pop into our head, our heart starts to race, and our palms get […]

Invisible Energy Zappers and Summer Colds

Summer colds are annoying. I’ve been home the last three weeks with a cold virus I can’t seem to kick. It’s frustrating to sit on my tushy for days on […]

The Pressures of a Perfect Summer

I recently wrote a blog about how we parents tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create a “perfect” summer for our kids. But what does perfect […]

Surprise! I’m an Imperfect Parent

No Matter How Informed You Are, Perfect Parenting Doesn't Exist

If I had a dollar for every time my kids snarkily asked me, “Aren’t you a parent coach?” I’d be sipping wine in Italy right now. Salute! Yes, I am […]


Finger Breathing Trace around the thumb and fingers of your outstretched hand. From base of thumb to tip, inhale; from the tip of your thumb to the base on the […]