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Than Your Parents

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You want to have an amazing relationship with your children based on
mutual respect and connection.


But when shit hits the fan you find yourself using the same soul crushing strategies your parents used on you.


You desperately want to parent differently from your parents
but can’t seem to figure out how to do it…

Let me show you How



The Flipped Parenting Community



The membership for overwhelmed parents who want to feel connected to their kids and p
roud of their parenting strategies.

Get thoughtful, short weekly lessons straight to your in-box; an eye-opening 9-module mini-course, worksheets and more for only $9/month!

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime

You’ve tried so many things to bring peace into your home. . .


Making punishments more severe – (not only did that not work, but it made you feel like a terrible parent)


Spending hours and hours scouring the internet and reading every book you could get your hands on


Listening to people who meant well but were giving bad advice (including your own parents)


Putting your child in therapy with the hopes a therapist could “fix” your child, but not only was it expensive, your child wasn’t willing to cooperate and do the work


Tried to stop yelling on your own but didn’t have much success (and biting your tongue wasn’t an effective long-term strategy)


Joining tons of online parent groups hoping someone would tell you the magic answer but not being able to navigate all the strong and differing opinions


Paid for parenting courses that “guaranteed” their tools would make your child cooperate but (they didn’t)


Tediously memorized parenting scripts – if you just had the exact right phrase, your child would listen (they didn’t)

But OMG. . . you are exhausted, aren’t you?

Trying all the things with no improvement and still reverting to the traditional ways of your parents. When will you start experiencing some peace and cooperation and feel good about the way you parent?

Or you could use a signature process to. . .


Finally gain the knowledge and strategies you need to break the generational cycle as you learn to deescalate power struggles, gain cooperation and build connection with your kids.

Here is what happens when you do that:


Your kids are happier and thriving as they respond to your new strategies.


Your child feels respected and therefore begins respecting you.


You experience less defiance and power struggles


You are able to fully enjoy the the precious time you have with your kids.


You no longer worry about your child’s future.


You experience less fighting in the family – even between you and your partner – now that the temperature in your home has lowered.


You feel confident in your parenting choices and no longer feel lost when you there’s a difficult situation with your kids.


You parent in a way that aligns with your own values and feels good

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy!

When I began my parenting journey…

I thought I had all the tools I needed to be a great parent.

Not only had my own parents taught me the “proper” way to parent, but many parenting experts at the time were validating their approach.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell your child “no”
  • Follow through with an appropriate punishment when your child breaks a rule….
  • Be consistent

No problem, I thought. I got this!

My kids will listen to me because I’m strong and willing to do what’s hard – it’s in my child’s best interest.

So sure, I can do that. And I did.

But then. . .

The tools I was using didn’t work. At all. Everyone in my house was fighting, my child was struggling.

I felt like a failure as a parent. In fact, punishments (and even rewards!) were just making things worse. Much worse.

I was so confused and lost. If this is the way I’m supposed to parent and it wasn’t working (and felt terrible), what the

heck was I supposed to do? I didn’t have any alternate tools.

So I tried…


Doubling down on punishments thinking they weren’t harsh enough to deter misbehavior


Sending my child to therapy (I’m doing everything I was taught to do so it must be my child)


Reading tons of books, trying desperately to find “the answer” but could never find what I needed

And that’s when it hit me

I was unintentionally making it all worse!

My child was misbehaving not because they didn’t want to do well, but because they couldn’t.

The reason punishments weren’t working is because my child was lacking important skills such as emotional regulation, impulse control and problem-solving and was therefore unable to meet the expectations I had.

No wonder my child was getting angrier and angrier – instead of helping by teaching them the skills they needed to do better they were getting punished for trying their best.

For so long I was fighting a losing battle, bribing, punishing, threatening – whatever it took in an attempt to “make” my child behave so that I could have a short moment of peace.

I needed a new way to look at parenting . . .

Instead of focusing on punishing away the misbehavior I needed to focus on what was causing the misbehavior and solve that first.

Instead of focusing on compliance I needed to work on building a better connection with my child.

Instead of trying to control my child, I needed to first learn to control my own thoughts, feelings and actions.

By flipping my focus and reframing the way I looked at parenting, working on my own mindset, practicing self-regulation, using new tools, and focusing more on our relationship above everything else, I was able to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the challenges we were having at home and created an environment where cooperation came naturally.

And I was able to do this without any participation from my child.

I finally started to see the results I’d been working so hard for:


The tension in our home started to come down and we were experiencing more peace.


Our child was becoming less defiant and more cooperative.


We experienced less power struggles and escalations (and the ones that did happen were less intense and shorter).


I felt better about myself and was no longer ashamed of the way I parented.

The best thing?

For the first time, as a parent, I felt empowered and confident!

So how does it work exactly?

The path to being a calm and confident parent!

The exact steps to feel empowered to flip the script on traditional parenting to create the homelife you crave.


Welcome to…

The Flipped Parenting Community

Gain cooperation and create a peaceful home without having to use tactics such as bribes and punishments.

By flipping the script on parenting, you will be empowered to lead the change you want to see most in your homes.

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime


When you join, you’ll get instant access to:

Everything you need to Begin your journey to calm and confident parenting. . .

Flipped Parenting Lessons:

Short weekly lessons 2-5 minutes long (perfect for busy parents!) to help you learn everything from ways to gain cooperation to getting control over your own reactions.

“Parenting with Intention” Mini-Course

This course will help you understand why kids misbehave (spoiler – they don’t mean to) and how you can stay calm in situations where you normally struggle.

SOS Online Toolbox

Tools and resources for those days you’re on the edge and need some quick ways to reset.

Pop-up Events

Interactive events to learn about topics and strategies to level up your parenting.

The Flipped Parenting Weekly Lessons

The weekly lessons are easily digestible, bite-size lessons that will allow you to build your tool box and parent in a way that is effective and feels good.

Here’s how they work:


Learn: Each week you receive an email with a link to the weekly lesson (weekly lessons will be either in video or written format). Written lessons are a quick read and video lessons average between 2-5 minutes (watch while you’re brushing your teeth!) and will be from one of the four the FLIP framework categories: Mindset, Self-Regulation, Connection and Tools.


Implement: At the end of each lesson, you will be given an action item to try out for deeper learning and a quick win!


Practice: You have the whole week to focus on the week’s lesson, to play around with it and test it out.  For real life change you have to put your new learnings into action.


Reinforce: Each video lesson has an attached discussion thread for sharing and feedback. Use it to ask questions, share how the lesson went for you, read other’s experiences with the lesson, share your biggest take-away, etc. You’ll receive a response to any questions within 48 hrs. 

And get instant access to All of these worksheets and more!

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime


I have access online to endless amounts of free parenting information and mom’s groups, why do I need the Flipped Parenting Community?


The method and tools I share in the Flipped Parenting Community helped me to completely change the way I parented and create peace in our home. I am 100% convinced that they can help you too.

In just one month you can start seeing positive changes in your home. And even better, you can get a whole year of support in the Flipped Parenting Community for less than the cost of a single private coaching session.

When you join the Flipped Parenting Community you will get curated content that gives you quick wins and sets you up for long-term success!

Information that aligns with your parenting philosophy.

The actual information you need to become the parent you want to be delivered weekly to your inbox in bite-sized lessons designed by a professional Parent Coach.

You'll get the personalized support you've been looking for.

No more trying to justify your parenting style to other people. You’ll have a whole community of like-minded parents learning along with you.

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to be the parent you want to be.

No more parenting haphazardly. Each tool and strategy is explained so you truly understand the “why” behind it all, helping it to click and making the tools easier to apply.

You'll have the accountability to make sure you're applying the tools.

Weekly action items, a weekly action checklist and a discussion thread allow you to not just learn the information but to implement and practice that week’s tool.

Lifelong tools and strategies for parenting with ease.

No more ineffective, short-term, one-size fits all band-aid solutions. With life-long tools and strategies you can handle all the parenting challenges that come your way.

Feel empowered after addressing your own challenges.

To truly set up the foundation for successful parenting, we have to work on ourselves. This will help flip the switch from feeling like a failure to feeling empowered.

Today’s Price = Only $9/month

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime


This Membership is for

2 Types of types of parents…

The "where do I start?" Parent

The parent that wants to be the best parent they can be and is ready to do the work but doesn’t know where to start.

The "Need Accountability" Parent

The parent that has started using positive parenting tools & strategies but knows they need regular reminders and accountability.

The Flipped Parenting Community will help you become the best parent you can possibly be!

Join the Flipped Parenting Community

By learning how to reframe your thoughts about parenting, practicing self-regulation, building healthy relationships with your kids and learning new, non-punitive parenting tools you will be empowered to parent in a way that is not only effective, but feels good, too.

Today’s Price = Only $9/month

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime

What members say

Testimonials from parents


“Once I met Janell she totally flipped everything starting with my own mindset.”

Valerie S.
Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member


“No matter where you are in your relationship with your child, this is something that will add value to your life.”

Evelyn W.
Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

“The Flipped Parenting Community is such a fabulous resource! Janell breaks down parenting challenges in small actionable steps and is truly empathetic. The group sessions are very helpful in reinforcing our weekly lessons and help keep them top of mind. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to improve their parenting skills and improve their relationship with their children.”

Michelle N.

Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

“Janell Bitton is an awesome parenting coach. I found out about Janell on Facebook and started with a free hour long session in which she took the entire time to speak with me. What I really liked about Janell and why I still work with her now is that she really listened to me. She is very kind, funny, and down-to-earth, too. Her unique approach to parenting with intention helps me a lot and it can help you too. Now I am part of her online parenting membership community and I love it. I can hear about other parents struggles, wins, and point of views and share my own in a safe space. I highly recommend Janell and the Flipped Parenting Community!”

Rachel G.

Flipped Parenting Community Inner Circle Member

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The Flipped Parenting Community

Gain cooperation and create a peaceful home without having to use tactics such as bribes and punishments.

By flipping the script on parenting you will be empowered to lead the change you want to see most in your homes.

Today’s Price = Only $9/month

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime

Everything you need to parent in a way that is effective and feels good.

When you join the Flipped Parenting Community, you’ll get instant access to:


Short weekly knowledge nuggets and implementation challenges for ongoing learning and accountability – perfect for busy parents.


“Parenting with Intention” mini-course to get you started from the right headspace.


SOS Toolbox for those days you’re on the edge and need some quick ways to reset.


Access to a Certified Parent Coach and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.


Regular events to learn about topics and strategies to level up your parenting.

Just $9/month | Cancel Anytime


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